School Transport

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School Transport

Postby Jacob » Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:06 am


Can anyone provide information about changes to school transport for students with disabilities under the NDIS?

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Re: School Transport

Postby bbear » Tue Dec 20, 2016 3:21 pm

Hi Jacob,

Great question. The answer is different across the states, but the NDIS has this to say:

Transport to and from school
Getting to and from school is the responsibility of families and the education system. For some participants, their disability means that they cannot be transported to school by family or friends or travel independently on public or school transport.

In many jurisdictions, the education system currently manages a specialist school transport system for students with disability. The Agency will draw on the existing transport schemes which remain in place for the early stage of the trial.

The Agency will work closely with participants and education systems to identify options for participants who are not able to access existing transport schemes.

Essentially this means that for now there should be no change, unless you did not have access to a program that helped you get to school, in which case the scheme may help you out once you get a plan.

The NSW Education Department released a fact sheet for schools that addresses this directly and they state:

The NDIS transition will not affect to the way schools interact with the Assisted School Travel Program (ASTP). NDIS Planners will record the provision of transport to and from school by ASTP in NDIS participant's plans. Students who are also NDIS participants will continue to receive transport from the ASTP.

Hope this helps 8-)

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