Transport Funding

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Transport Funding

Postby Ester » Mon Nov 28, 2016 10:38 am

NDIS Transport Funding - NDIS Factsheets

On this page there are Plain English and Easy Read Factsheets about Transport funding on the bottom right hand side of the page.

This is from one of the Factsheets:

You can get NDIS funding for transport only if you can not take public transport. For example, you can not take a
  • city bus
  • train.
If you can not take public transport, the NDIS can give you money for
a community bus. For example,
  • a bus for people with a disability
  • a taxi
  • another kind of transport.
This money is for your transport only.

This money is not to pay
  • your carer
  • for someone in your family to drive you around. For example, to an activity, like shopping.

Mobility Allowance

You will not receive a mobility allowance once your NDIS plan has been approved. Your mobility allowance will need to be covered by your NDIS plan.

For more information click here

Reasonable and Necessary Supports

Operational Guideline – Planning and Assessment – Supports in the Plan - Interface with Transport - This document talks about what the NDIS will fund in regards to Transport.

It says people can get funding for;
  1. Training and support to use public transport where these needs arise from a person’s functional impairment.
  2. Aids and Equipment - including
    a. Vehicle modifications to a private vehicle, and associated maintenance,
    b. Driver assessment and training.
  3. Community transport, taxi and other private transport costs for people with ongoing functional impairments which make public travel unfeasible or inappropriate.

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